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So, here we are, half way through 2015 and the war on health & safety goes on!!

With the good intention of the management team the efforts towards reducing accidents continues, however, frustratingly so!! Over the last twenty years the time, effort, energy and cost that has gone into safety has gone through the roof, and yet still, people are getting hurt or in some cases, even worse. And that is just the start of it all, unless we are an integral part of the process we never really understand the impact an accident has, from the initial injury and hurt pride, to the knock on effects of loss of earnings, financial constraints on families, the stain of burden and family breakdowns, all aliments that are all too common.

If you want to get a different result, then without question, you have to do something different!

Behavioral Safety SolutionsSo, what is needed? Well, could you imagine for one minute going into work where you just knew the environment was different? Could you just imagine people ‘paying it forward’? I mean, just imagine knowing that the minute you got to work you knew for a fact that people had your back, and you had theirs? Everyone looking out for each other, and environment where you knew, that without any question, people were valued as the most valuable commodity the company had, that people were treated with quality and in return delivered a quality days’ work and outputs, people concentrated on people and quality knowing that as a natural by product, production and profit would follow suit!

An environment where showing your vulnerability was common practice, knowing that your mistakes were something to celebrate if we could learn from them?

Now take a second and just imagine how that would feel? And then take a minute to realise that it is all possible!!

I have had the pleasure of working in several different environments and I am always staggered to find the same issues time and time again. Everywhere I go I see people trying to reinvent the wheel in regards to safety and with all good intention, however, with little insight, guidance and direction!

In fact the problem of lack of guidance is so large now that people just don’t see it!! All you have to do nowadays is to visit one of these Health & Safety expo’s, just go to one and have a look around. You will find that about 80% of the stands are taken up with PPE, all new and shiny, great products with great design and great intentions and with lots of people getting very excited about the latest products. However, I was always led to believe that PPE was the last line of defence!!! Have we really got to a stage where we don’t know anything else apart from inventing more equipment to make people wear? Why don’t we just give them a suit of armour? Where are all stands teaching people on risk assessments, hazard reduction techniques, how to design/plan out the risk??

Life is very simple; we don’t believe it can be so simple so we complicate things!

The answer is: we have complicated something very simple, I am pretty sure most people reading this would have heard about S.M.A.R.T. Goals, and the truth is they work, however, most don’t get it. You see, these days there are all these wonderfully great safety visions, from, ‘Target Zero’ to ‘Zero Harm’ to ‘Safety First’ and you can’t argue with any of them, on paper at least!! You see, the S in S.M.A.R.T. stands for specific, as in “be specific about what you want to achieve” and all the examples above are about what you want to avoid!! The focus is in the wrong direction and who really, deep down believes ‘Zero Harm’ is possible??

So, what do we offer that is different? Well, to start with our focus is all about ‘Creating a Positive Culture™’ what is it you would like to achieve and to give clear and concise ideas and tools on how to achieve them. We don’t even believe in training, we believe in mentoring a ‘Culture of Leadership™’ and how to change the game completely.

If you want better answers then you have to start by asking better questions!

In fact, our behavioural ideas and implementations are starting to cause a stir. History shows that over the last 30 years, the best behavioural processes were achieving at most a 30% improvement, over the last 15 years at Chad Lilley International Limited, everywhere we have had a presence, the improvements recorded have been a minimum of 52% and in some cases over 70% and all with a consistent change in focus. And that is just the results from the HSE department, in every case as well, production went up, sick days went down, profit increased and the general morale was noted as being significantly better.

So why don’t you contact us now at to find out how we can help you:

  • Build a culture where team members buy-in to your vision
  • Create a clear distinction between you and your competitors
  • Effectively guide people through change & uncertainty
  • Learn key factors for building trust and relationships
  • Develop strategies for creating greater accountability

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